Online training programmes bespoke to you!

Online training packages bespoke to your health and fitness goals. Once you have filled in the online assessment forms, I will build you a 6-week bespoke training and nutrition plan that will guide you through every aspect of smart, effective, safe and efficient exercise



With the help of the fully customised NRG4LIFE app and My Youtube channel with an ever-expanding video library of exercises, it is now even easier to stay on track, stay motivated, and be supported every step of the way!


Together we can design programmes specifically for the equipment in your chosen gym... BUT there is also no need for a gym membership – we can design home programmes, with the need for limited or no equipment, there are no limits! 


4 of my most popular packages are detailed below. All 6-week packages are £75 and each follow-on package is £40. 


If you don't find what you are looking for, just ask! 

Fitness 4 Dads

This package is close to my heart as I have two young sons and recently turned 40, so I know only too well the challenges that face us as we get a little older. 


Our natural levels of testosterone decrease which can lead to a decline in our lean muscle tissue. We may become more limited in time, due to family and work commitments and lack of sleep can elevate our stress hormones. Our level of joint flexibility and mobility also declines, and this can increase the risk of injury.


This package is designed to help address and combat the aforementioned issues and more!

  • You can expect to increase lean muscle, fitness and strength

  • Alter your body composition for the better

  • Increase flexibility and joint mobility

  • Learn how to avoid injury and overtraining

  • Learn to take control of your nutrition

  • Improve your mood, energy and sleep

NRG Weight Management

6 Week training package to teach you how to take control of your health and weight management!


No more fad diets or quick fix training plans. This package will help to kick start a 'new you' and get your motivation into gear! 


You will learn how to create new exercise and nutrition habits and change behavioural patterns that may have plagued previous weight management attempts. 

The package will show you how to work around;

  • Time constraints

  • Injuries

  • Ongoing medical issues

  • Lack of exercise experience and/or poor nutritional understanding 

Fitness 4 Mums

Finding time to exercise can be challenging as a mum for an endless number of reasons! I've witnessed it first hand with my wife after the birth of both my sons, but it's important to find a good work/life balance for your own physical and mental well being.  


This package is designed for the busy mums out there who are looking to take control of their nutrition and exercise, regardless of whether you are a first time exerciser or a seasoned gym-goer wanting to get back into shape. 


I can help you from as little as 6 weeks post natal - once you have provided documented permission from your GP and/or health visitor. 

  • You can expect to regain pelvic floor strength and control

  • Increase core stability and strength

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Reduce body fat

  • Improve posture, energy and sleep patterns

  • Learn to take control of your nutrition

NRG 6 Week Custom Plan

A 6-week bespoke training package to help you reach whatever your health and fitness goals are. 


Whether you are a beginner in the gym and need structure and guidance and be taught the correct methods of exercise and nutrition or a more advanced lifter whose gains have stalled and needs a change of routine, more focus and need to know how to make a change for the better.


Overcome an injury or work around any limitation, time or work constraints. 


Structure your nutrition to suit your lifestyle and goals to make it simple to adhere to.


Sports or goal specific to work towards a short or long term objective, whether it be to do a 5k park run, climb Kilimanjaro or get back to playing football or any other sport that you love!

I can help structure a plan to help you work towards ANY goals specific to YOU!

All 6-week packages are £75


With each package you will have your own profile on my fully customised NRG4LIFE app to:


  • Record and track your week's exercise and nutrition plans

  • See your weekly schedule, goals and complete workouts with all the detail you need, including:  reps/sets/rest time and video clips of all your prescribed exercises 

  • View and update your own nutrition plan by logging foods/drinks you've consumed that day

  • Communicate and check in with Adam, via the App's messenger facility

  • Monitor progression with tracking of measurements, body compositon and progress shots

  • You will get Nutrition/training coaching via WhatsApp/Text/E-mail/Facebook Group

  • You can even book additional one-to-one sessions with Adam for an even more personal experience!